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Tile Flooring Store in Rochester, Minnesota


Tile is a great way for anyone looking to freshen up their home or business in Rochester, Minnesota. Here at Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re not just your local flooring store with an incredible selection of products, we’re also your local flooring experts. Tile is a wonderful, durable, and low-maintenance option, but finding the right tile for your project can be time-consuming. We’re here to make it easy and help guide you through the process from selection to installation. Keep reading to learn more about tile!


What Are the Benefits of Tile in Rochester, MN

Whether you’re using it for your floors or walls, there are a lot of reasons to choose tile for your home or business.


Versatile: Tiles are not just limited to flooring as they come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, making them highly versatile. Apart from flooring, tiles can also be used on walls as a stunning subway tile backsplash or a distinctive mosaic tile shower. You can personalize them to create a tile design that is one-of-a-kind and uniquely yours!


Durable: Tiles are highly durable and can withstand the daily wear and tear of busy homes or businesses. Additionally, they are pet and child-friendly due to their scratch and chip-resistant qualities. The longevity of tiles makes them a practical choice for any space.


Low Maintenance: Maintaining tiles is hassle-free since they are resistant to stains and heat. Regular cleaning consists of a quick sweep, mop, or swipe.


Water Resistant: There are water-resistant and waterproof tile options available. The majority of these tiles are either non-porous or treated to become so, ensuring maximum protection against water damage.


The Different Types of Tiles

Ceramic Tile – Ceramic tile is one of the most common and popular types of tiles.  People love ceramic tile for its durability and affordability. It can handle high-traffic areas with ease and stands strong against stains and water since it is moisture-resistant. Ceramic is one of the lighter tile options making it a great choice for floors and walls and is best reserved for the indoors.


Porcelain Tile – Porcelain is fired at a higher temperature than ceramic, so it is denser and more durable. You can install porcelain in your busiest of rooms and businesses. Most porcelain tiles are also 100% waterproof so they can be installed anywhere you see fit inside and outdoors!


Stone Tile – Stone tiles are made from natural rocks, so each one has its own unique veining. Stone tiles give a luxurious, spa-inspired look to homes and are strong and moisture-resistant. They look wonderful indoors and outdoors!


What Is Wood-Look Tile?

Ever wanted the look of hardwood floors with the durability of tile? Well, now you can! Wood-look tile combines all the looks you love of natural wood floors in a variety of stains and species all on one convenient tile. Wood-look tile allows you to enjoy wood-look floors in moisture-prone rooms like the kitchen or bathroom.


Choosing the Right Tile for Your Rochester Home

When it comes to choosing the right tile for your home, there are several important factors to consider including location, material, and budget.


Location probably has the most impact when it comes to choosing tile. Where you are planning to install the tile influences whether you’re going to need something more durable, water-resistant, or lightweight. For example, a sturdy, waterproof tile will do exceptionally well in high-traffic, moisture-prone rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. For backsplashes, a lightweight, small tile will be best.


The type of tile you need for your product depends on similar factors. As mentioned above, the three main types of tiles are ceramic, porcelain, and stone. Taking into consideration their unique characteristics and which is better for the desired room will help ensure you get the best tile for your project.


Considering the size of the project and how much you are willing to spend will help determine your price range. Thankfully, we offer a variety of tiles at different price points, so you don’t need to sacrifice style for price. We also offer free at-home estimates to help give you a better sense of time and cost for your upcoming project.


Where Can Tile Be Installed?


Shop Tile at Carpet One Floor & Home

Looking for top-quality tile products in Rochester, MN? Look no further than Carpet One Floor & Home! As a proud member of the Carpet One cooperative, we offer a wide selection of premium flooring products that rival those of national corporations. But unlike those big-box stores, we're a locally-owned business that takes pride in providing personalized care and exceptional service to our customers. Trust us to help you find the perfect tile solution for your needs. Come shop with us in-store or start browsing our tile selection online now.

Caring for Your Tile

Make tile care a breeze with these tips and tricks for maintaining your tile.
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